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Have you tried using the toilet and upon flushing, the water overflows. Its definitely a horrific experience but thankfully, when our toilet bowl decide to fail on us, we only took a pee which was a blessing in disguise.

The first thing we did when our toilet bowl fail, we turn the tap linking to the toilet bowl off to avoid further damage. Next we went onto google to do a quick search plumber and there, we were presented with a list of listing to choose from.

There we found a listing “9 Cheapest Plumber in Singapore” from moneysmart. The list provided was comprehensive showing the table of pricing of the various services. We found and decided to contact them. Plumber plumbing is one of the few plumber that is licensed and provides 24hrs plumbing services which was important to us as we were facing an emergency

Their plumbing service prices were reasonable and shortly, we arrange for a plumber to visit our place. Mr Tan was the assigned plumber and he arranged within 30 minutes. He came and inspected the problem, gave us 2 option, to either change the entire cistern or the cistern pump. Changing the entire cistern covers us a 1 year warranty where as if we only change the pump, it was a 1 month warranty.

We decide to go ahead to change the entire cistern as the price was not much difference and the warranty was important to us as it gives us the assurance that the problem will not arise in at least 1 year (pump = $120(include labour, entire cistern =$200(include labour)

Once we confirm with him our decision, he went off for about 20minutes before returning with a new cistern, made the necessary work and replaced the entire cistern in about 30 minutes. He even clean the toilet to ensure it was clean before telling us the job was completed.

It was impressive as seldom you get a plumber coming over to your place, clearing up the mess before making his way off. Overall, we are happy and thankful for Mr Tan services. If you are interested, please contact them @ +65 8511 3161