House Cleaning – Spring Cleaning Services

Cleaning is an essential service and many of us would love to work with trusted and reliable cleaning partner for all our one-time cleaning services.

During this chinese new year, we manage to book a slot with Home Cleaning Singapore to help us with our cleaning services. Although it was considered last minute, the staff manage to book us a slot 3 days before the start of CNY.

When the 3 guys came over, we were surprised as they were locals and look quite young(probably in their 30s) and checked with us the areas that require more detailed cleaning. We pointed to our kitchen stove and hood as that is the area my wife and I always seem to overlook.

Living Room

They started with general cleaning in our living room by removing our bags of old newspaper to the corridor. With vacuum, mopping and wiping of ceiling fans.

They also clean the interior of the windows and grilles which i think was quite a nice touch to detail.


Next, they asked if they could flood our kitchen to do intensive cleaning which we agreed. They proceed to remove everything from the floor and block the drainage before flooding the floor with water and soap and proceeded to scrubbing.

Just looking at them clean already feel quite shiok.


Toilet was the next item on the list and similar to the kitchen, they poor soap and started scrubbing. They came with lots of cloth which we were thankful and they made sure that the toilet accessories and counter tops were dry before moving to the next area.


Bedroom was quite easy as we regularly clean up but they made it better. They help us fold all the clothes and place them nicely in an area before proceeding to vacuuming and mopping the floors.

To sum it up, we were thankful that we manage to book a service with them. Their work ethics and attitude was really nice and of cause, the spring cleaning service price was also reasonable. We highly recommend Home Cleaning Singapore



Recommended Plumber In Woodlands – Fast & Honest

Have you tried using the toilet and upon flushing, the water overflows. Its definitely a horrific experience but thankfully, when our toilet bowl decide to fail on us, we only took a pee which was a blessing in disguise.

The first thing we did when our toilet bowl fail, we turn the tap linking to the toilet bowl off to avoid further damage. Next we went onto google to do a quick search plumber and there, we were presented with a list of listing to choose from.

There we found a listing “9 Cheapest Plumber in Singapore” from moneysmart. The list provided was comprehensive showing the table of pricing of the various services. We found and decided to contact them. Plumber plumbing is one of the few plumber that is licensed and provides 24hrs plumbing services which was important to us as we were facing an emergency

Their plumbing service prices were reasonable and shortly, we arrange for a plumber to visit our place. Mr Tan was the assigned plumber and he arranged within 30 minutes. He came and inspected the problem, gave us 2 option, to either change the entire cistern or the cistern pump. Changing the entire cistern covers us a 1 year warranty where as if we only change the pump, it was a 1 month warranty.

We decide to go ahead to change the entire cistern as the price was not much difference and the warranty was important to us as it gives us the assurance that the problem will not arise in at least 1 year (pump = $120(include labour, entire cistern =$200(include labour)

Once we confirm with him our decision, he went off for about 20minutes before returning with a new cistern, made the necessary work and replaced the entire cistern in about 30 minutes. He even clean the toilet to ensure it was clean before telling us the job was completed.

It was impressive as seldom you get a plumber coming over to your place, clearing up the mess before making his way off. Overall, we are happy and thankful for Mr Tan services. If you are interested, please contact them @ +65 8511 3161

Aircon Servicing 2022 – Cool-Aire Aircon (Best Customer Service)

As the weather turns warmer, many of us are turning to use our air-conditioners more frequently. It is has become a norm in Singapore to have our air-conditioners on for an extended period of time.

With higher usage of our air-conditioners comes higher maintenance. With so many air-conditioning service companies in the market, we look to narrow down to one of the most under rated air-conditioning company in Singapore.

With a strong google my business review , it comes as no surprise that Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore is one of our recommendation. With strong experience of more than 20 years, they provide one of the best customer service that we experience.

What makes them different from the list of aircon companies that we reviewed is that they provided additional services for their basic aircon servicing. Apart from the usual cleaning of aircon filters and wiping of aircon coil, they do take apart the aircon blower which many of the other aircon servicing companies fail to do so.

By removing the aircon blower and thoroughly cleaning it, it adds an additional step which most aircon companies are unwilling to do so since it incurs more labour time. To make things even sweeter, Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore rates are priced comparable to their competitors who do not clean the aircon blower.

Cool-Aire is currently having their aircon servicing promotion for all customers, both new and existing which is the third reason that makes this deal not to be missed. With Covid still lingering around us, Cool-Aire provides bacteria killing chemicals when they service and clean your air-con

The aircon services provided range from normal aircon servicing, chemical overhaul aircon and aircon maintenance services

Get your deals secured if you are looking for an aircon servicing company to help in your aircon services.

Causes of Frozen coils in Air Conditioning units

After a few months or years of service, most air conditioners have a tendency to freeze up. Because of this, what was once an excellent functioning unit struggles to discharge cool air properly and sometime after, a huge block of ice has already built up on the evaporator coil. Meanwhile, in the drain pan, a heightened rate of condensation takes place. With all these things happening, the room where the unit is placed is no longer cool. This would be a huge problem especially in more tropical regions such as Singapore, Philippines and the Middle East. It is then appropriate to investigate what is causing the problem. With this at hand, here are a few of the possible causes:

Restricted Airflow

Any obstruction or disruption that is found in the interior parts of the air conditioning unit can cause freezing up of the coils and the unit itself. A few parts that will lead to a frozen coil are air filters and fan or blowers or evaporator units. Air filters are responsible in trapping dirt and other contaminants that get into the evaporator coils. One should also check the fan or blowers of the evaporator unit if they are functioning properly. This can be done by checking if there is air coming out from the unit. Also, check if there are some objects obstructing the entry of air inside the outdoor unit. So it is advisable to not put anything in front or anywhere near the evaporator units. Anything that restricts the exchange of thermal energy between the air conditioner and the room can lead to frozen coils. This is because most of the cool air can persist inside the evaporator coils and fins causing a gradual drop in temperature. The end result would be the formation of ice causing the unit itself to freeze up. In times like this, the help of aircon servicing Singapore might be useful.

Low Refrigerant

There would be a decrease in the saturation point of the temperature system whenever the refrigerant in the air conditioning unit is low caused by persistent leakage over time. Because of this, the compressed refrigerant liquid would require a lower temperature for it to be vaporized.

Because of this cooling coil’s operating temperature has significantly dropped which differs from the standard or set temperature range. As a result, moisture will be produced from the air and accumulate to become ice on the evaporator. This is apparent when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

This accumulated moisture is now stuck in the evaporator coils and fins, constantly forming ice around them. Over time, a block of ice will be formed inside the evaporator coils which then will freeze up the air conditioning unit.

Drainage Problems

When air that is of high temperatures blow across the evaporator coils, they tend to overwork by removing both heat and moisture from the air. In temperate regions such as Singapore, a lot of water vapor is condensed inside the air conditioner. Normally, water flows out into a pan and end up in a condenser pan. Anything that blocks the draining process can force excess water all the way back to the evaporator coil which eventually freezes. When this happens overtime, a block of ice may be formed.

Aircon Servicing Gem In Woodlands

Its the time of the year when spring cleaning and other major servicing is done to welcome the new year. It exciting to think of the many possible and wonderful events coming my way in 2019.

Reading on the forums of hardwarezone, i chance upon an article on why you should service your aircon on a regular basis which somehow struck me that it has been 3 good years since i last did any servicing to my aircon. I cannot imagine the amount of dust and dirt being accumulated in the system which i am breathing in every night which gave me the urge to get a aircon expert in to get my aircon system sparking clean.

As always, i went onto google and started searching for a aircon servicing expert. I chance upon this company at woodlands, Chan Brothers Air-Conditioning. With so many companies in the market, it seems quite scary that prices are being slashed but it benefits us consumer

Their website was quite interesting seeing that their emphasise on their customers satisfaction. Most of the other websites that i visited on showcase their price and work done

Upon further researching and reaching, i found their google mybusiness page which shows their list of reviews which were impressive which leads me to decide on them.

Overall, i must say, their price is extremely good for such a service and their techs were very professional which i love it. (I hate aircon guys that try to hard sell their other service) and charge me base on the amount agreed upon over the phone which was the best part.

Best experience and thank you chan brothers aircon

Chan Brothers Air-Conditioning Engineering PTE. LTD.
Singapore Address :
 Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close #05-04 Singapore 737853
Company Register No :- 201231183K
Aircon Sales & Service Email
Aircon Sales & Service Contact

Choosing the Right Plumber

In hiring a service provider it is your job to find that perfect partner that you can work with. There are many plumbers that will offer similar services in your area it is your job to spot the one that can offer you with high quality work output. So you need to take your time in insuring that you found the right one. Since there’s a growing number of different plumbers that offer the same job finding the perfect one can be very tricky.

Gather referrals

If you are able to ask around people you know on who they would recommend for your plumbing related problems you can get a good number of names from them. It is important that you get the name that the people you know have referred. Just make sure that the plumbing expert you hire can provide you with the services you needed. In Singapore finding a reliable service provider is really easy since most of the residents there would just trust one person among the different plumbers especially those that live in just one neighborhood. Most people respect each other and that they usually give a certain area for one or two plumbers to work on that.

Canvass the different prices

The pricing is a very important factor to consider, since you will need a plumbing service that would usually require you to pay for the skill of a person unless there’s a certain part that needs replacement on your plumbing system.

You need to look for the right service provider that is able to provide you with a very reasonable price. In Singapore most of the service provider will have similar rates to the similar services that they offer expect for some which has a long experience in the field where they get to ask for a special rate for their expertise.

Plumber Checklist

To choose among the different plumbers in your area you need to make sure that you have all the information before you decide to book the services you need. Never make a mistake of hiring the wrong person and paying for the services that you don’t need.

This is very common to people who hired a bad service provider. They often get charge of more than what they need. They end up paying for services that they didn’t agree with because it is already installed in the system. They usually have to pay for hidden charges and other things just for the service provide to earn more than what is just actually necessary. But if you are able to find the right plumber that you can hire long before you need their services then you can avoid facing any issues that is related to hiring the wrong person. You can also enjoy all the benefits of having a working plumbing system if you have someone that you can trust to handle and maintain your plumbing system. You will surely be able to enjoy using your plumbing system to its fullest with the right person to rely on when certain issues arise.