Aircon Servicing 2022 – Cool-Aire Aircon (Best Customer Service)

As the weather turns warmer, many of us are turning to use our air-conditioners more frequently. It is has become a norm in Singapore to have our air-conditioners on for an extended period of time.

With higher usage of our air-conditioners comes higher maintenance. With so many air-conditioning service companies in the market, we look to narrow down to one of the most under rated air-conditioning company in Singapore.

With a strong google my business review , it comes as no surprise that Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore is one of our recommendation. With strong experience of more than 20 years, they provide one of the best customer service that we experience.

What makes them different from the list of aircon companies that we reviewed is that they provided additional services for their basic aircon servicing. Apart from the usual cleaning of aircon filters and wiping of aircon coil, they do take apart the aircon blower which many of the other aircon servicing companies fail to do so.

By removing the aircon blower and thoroughly cleaning it, it adds an additional step which most aircon companies are unwilling to do so since it incurs more labour time. To make things even sweeter, Cool-Aire Aircon Servicing Singapore rates are priced comparable to their competitors who do not clean the aircon blower.

Cool-Aire is currently having their aircon servicing promotion for all customers, both new and existing which is the third reason that makes this deal not to be missed. With Covid still lingering around us, Cool-Aire provides bacteria killing chemicals when they service and clean your air-con

The aircon services provided range from normal aircon servicing, chemical overhaul aircon and aircon maintenance services

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