House Cleaning – Spring Cleaning Services

Cleaning is an essential service and many of us would love to work with trusted and reliable cleaning partner for all our one-time cleaning services.

During this chinese new year, we manage to book a slot with Home Cleaning Singapore to help us with our cleaning services. Although it was considered last minute, the staff manage to book us a slot 3 days before the start of CNY.

When the 3 guys came over, we were surprised as they were locals and look quite young(probably in their 30s) and checked with us the areas that require more detailed cleaning. We pointed to our kitchen stove and hood as that is the area my wife and I always seem to overlook.

Living Room

They started with general cleaning in our living room by removing our bags of old newspaper to the corridor. With vacuum, mopping and wiping of ceiling fans.

They also clean the interior of the windows and grilles which i think was quite a nice touch to detail.


Next, they asked if they could flood our kitchen to do intensive cleaning which we agreed. They proceed to remove everything from the floor and block the drainage before flooding the floor with water and soap and proceeded to scrubbing.

Just looking at them clean already feel quite shiok.


Toilet was the next item on the list and similar to the kitchen, they poor soap and started scrubbing. They came with lots of cloth which we were thankful and they made sure that the toilet accessories and counter tops were dry before moving to the next area.


Bedroom was quite easy as we regularly clean up but they made it better. They help us fold all the clothes and place them nicely in an area before proceeding to vacuuming and mopping the floors.

To sum it up, we were thankful that we manage to book a service with them. Their work ethics and attitude was really nice and of cause, the spring cleaning service price was also reasonable. We highly recommend Home Cleaning Singapore