7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Digital Door Lock

Digital door locks are electronic locks that allow users to open entry using a keyless method such as biometric, smartphone, pin access and RFID card.

With more home owners moving toward the smart nation movement, the craze for smart devices have become ever popular

For digital door locks, myself included, is one of the first devices we look forward in getting simply because, the door of our home is the first impression our guess will notice even before they step in. The though of returning home to such high tech door feels extremely welcoming.

Below are some of the reasons I have given myself which i seriously think why a digital door lock is important

  • Enhance Security

It allows users to change their pin code on their digital lock whenever they want. Digital locks are also much more difficult to break in as compared to tradition door locks. A hammer and a screwdriver are all that you need to break open a manual door lock compared to a digital lock which is pick proof.

  • Convenience

There is no longer a need to carry around a large set of keys and worry about your keys getting stolen or misplace.

Most users will experience at least once or twice in their life that forgetting to bring their house keys out becomes a big problem. Families with elderly and young kids tend to face this problem more often.

  • Easy to use

Keying in pin code, using fingerprint scanning or RFID card are very convenient to access the door especially for the elderly or the disabled.

When it comes to young children, where they often misplace their keys, parents need not worry that their young child will not have entry into their home.

  • No need to worry about illegal copy of keys

For landlord who rent out their properties, they often worry that their tenants have extra copy of keys when they shifted out and constantly having to replace the entire door lock set which becomes costly in the long run. Owners simply needs to change the pin access.

  • Easy management of access

You may grant access to relatives, maid, or part time helper easily by giving them a temporary access code without the need to duplicate or passing them a key.

For certain models, you are even able to preset a specific time password access for a given time frame.

No longer do we need to purposely rush home to help with just opening doors

  • Trendy Outlook

Most Digital lock generally look much nicer. Their sleek and seamless surface enhance the appearance of the digital door lock which makes it look more elegant and modern like a smart phone or tablets.

  • Better Durability

A traditional lock can get wear out due to frequent or heavy usage. It can also cause you a lot of trouble if you break your key inside the lock. Digital locks are much more durable as they do not require the insertion and turning of keys, thus reducing the friction it causes for wear and tear.